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April 23, 2011, 06:11
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Earle T. Willey, my great Grandfather on my mom’s side.  He was apparently a professional Hockey player.

Earle and his second wife, the only one of my great grandparents who I ever met and I am drawing a complete blank on her name.  I love this photo of them.


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By any chance, was Earle born around 1904? Did he live in the Twin Cities in the late 1920’s, and would you happen to know if he moved to Waterloo, Iowa in the winter of 1927-1928?

Comment by Tim

I will do some research as to answer those questions, but off the top of my head it is entirely possible. I know that either he or Nancy (or both) were originally from somewhere in Minnesota. Also, he never knew his father, but suspected (from correspondence and a photo that he found between the woman who denied being his mother, but raised from infancy and a full blooded Sioux Indian) that the Sioux Indian was, in fact, his father. My grandmother was born in Hollywood in 1933, meaning that Earle was also in Los Angeles by this time. Why do you ask?

Comment by bibliophilias

I work for a hockey team in Waterloo which began playing in 1962. Before that time, there was a fad for hockey here in the late 20’s, and an Earle Willey played for the Waterloo American Legion team in 1927-1928 (maybe the next winter too); he was one of the stars of the team. The winter before that, he had played for the Hook ‘Em Cows of South St. Paul (sounds like it might have been a stockyard team). At any rate, the local paper makes repeated mention that Earle Willey played in the 1924 Olympics. However, there is no other record I can find of him being on that team. The U.S. won the silver medal at the ’24 Olympics in France. So that is the mystery I am trying to solve…whether he really was part of that Olympic squad. It seems unlikely, but there must be more of the story.

Comment by Tim

Wow, this is so interesting. I don’t see how we could be talking about two different Earle Willeys. I talked with my uncle and mother, but neither ad any new information. He also played for the Rangers, and I believe we have a photo of him in that uniform. I will continue to search for info and would love to hear more about what you have discovered, as we know very little about his life before LA.

Comment by bibliophilias

It’s not a great picture after being printed from microfilm, but if you send me an email, I can pass along a team photo from an old newspaper. You can find all of our team addresses here:

Comment by Tim

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