Charles Burns Reading/Signing @ Bookshop Santa Cruz

Cartoonist Charles Burns visited Bookshop Santa Cruz yesterday to welcome the release of his latest book “X-ed Out”, the first in a surreal, mashed-up, and entirely epic trilogy. Burns is an intriguing speaker who successfully balances the fine line between remaining mysterious and divulging enough details about his work, past, and artistic process. He is one of my favorite graphic artists/illustrators/writers, and I turned SO RED when I got to meet him, tell him thank you for coming to Santa Cruz, and that I LLLOOOVVEE HIMM!!! (Luckily that very last detail DID NOT past through my lips, but trust me, it was difficult to hold back)

Above: Doug, the drugged protagonist. Below: “X-ed Out’s” book cover: Tin-Tin-meets Naked Lunch (two conspicuous influences Burns himself menitons)


1924 Ansco camera converted… into satanic zombie post-apocalyptic artist book

-Created by Ari Bird,2009. Contains two wee Ethiopian-Coptic bound books, a scroll book in the back, a Japanese stab bound journal, & hidden notes/trinkets

Mark Wentzel
September 3, 2010, 16:37
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is it an unidentifiable discharge oozing out of an orifice? NO, just an amazing chair by wentzel!

Mike Giant
August 14, 2010, 21:11
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sexy illustrations, badass tattoo artist, bicycle/fixed gear art, graffiti. gangster as shit, punk as shit. period.