First Friday in Santa Cruz

New Fangled Bygone’s opening at the Café Delmarette.  After an intense week of tying up loose ends (that kept manifesting themselves) Ari and I (Alexandra) got our prints up on the wall and heaved a big sigh of relief when we could finally sit back, enjoy the reception.

Handmade Book Table


One corner of the Café displaying three out of six prints

Mingling of folk

A BIG thank you to Melody for setting up the show, supporting our idea and giving much needed advice throughout the process.  And a BIG thank you to Kenny for all things frame related.

Monsters Never Die.  A collection of art by Kenneth Srivijittakar.  What a beautiful show!

The owner of the exhibition space made wine labels out of Kenny’s work.  It was so rad!

Kenny, Alexandra, Ari

Monsters in beautiful handmade frames.


Thank You Kenny!
February 26, 2011, 22:09
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A big thanks to Kenneth Srivijittakar, frame guru, printmaker extraordinaire and dinosaur balancer for helping us make frames!  We would be lost without this fella!  More thank you posts to come… there have been a few people without which this show would not be happening…