Charles Burns Reading/Signing @ Bookshop Santa Cruz

Cartoonist Charles Burns visited Bookshop Santa Cruz yesterday to welcome the release of his latest book “X-ed Out”, the first in a surreal, mashed-up, and entirely epic trilogy. Burns is an intriguing speaker who successfully balances the fine line between remaining mysterious and divulging enough details about his work, past, and artistic process. He is one of my favorite graphic artists/illustrators/writers, and I turned SO RED when I got to meet him, tell him thank you for coming to Santa Cruz, and that I LLLOOOVVEE HIMM!!! (Luckily that very last detail DID NOT past through my lips, but trust me, it was difficult to hold back)

Above: Doug, the drugged protagonist. Below: “X-ed Out’s” book cover: Tin-Tin-meets Naked Lunch (two conspicuous influences Burns himself menitons)


The Blue Whale carcass at Bean Hollow
October 18, 2010, 06:17
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Bridget Henry’s Open Studio

As the ‘demo printers’ at Bridget’s Open Studio last weekend, we got the chance to further explore her inspiring work space, which overlooks the ocean &  the railroad tracks. We explained the relief printmaking process to those who were curious, printed on her classy press, ate yummy beans, and got a chance to look through the artist’s archives and oddities that are scattered throughout the home.

A local Santa Cruz artist, Henry’s work is meticulous and magical. Her work will again be displayed at her studio (5221 Coast Road, up the 1) on  the 16th and 17th of October from 10-5.  Come by and see it in person!

“Her Holy Spring” woodcut/relief print, Bridget Henry.

October 8, 2010, 16:04
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By Alexandra

Monterey is nice

I spent the weekend in Monterey for my brother’s sailing regatta. Though I have been there a few times, I had never walked around with a camera until this weekend.  Though its main attraction is Cannery row, I am much more interested in the old-downtown area and Lighthouse Avenue, which is the main street that runs through the town.  Amongst the typical suburban fixtures (groceries, pharmacy, fast food) there are gems of old dilapidated houses, abandoned store fronts, TWO record shops (which are becoming harder to come by these days), and even a lithographic print studio (Cypress Lithographics).  This is one of the many houses that have been aged by the moist, salty air.  Just look at those succulents!

1924 Ansco camera converted… into satanic zombie post-apocalyptic artist book

-Created by Ari Bird,2009. Contains two wee Ethiopian-Coptic bound books, a scroll book in the back, a Japanese stab bound journal, & hidden notes/trinkets

The Penny Ice Creamery
October 1, 2010, 16:19
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Ali & I had an ice cream date just last night and boy! was it amazing. The Penny Ice Creamery (913 Cedar Street, Santa Cruz) specializes in artistan, local, and organic frozen treats. I indulged in Autumn Pear Sorbet and Chocolate Sorbet-both Vegan! Ali had Barley ice cream and Chocolate Sorbet in a house made waffle cone. For a well priced, delicious treat, go to the Penny Ice Creamery!